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My name is Joshua Lindsey,

My name is Joshua Lindsey. I attended Master’s Baptist College in Fargo, north Dakota as an Undergraduate student from fall 2011 until I graduated as the valedictorian in 2015 with a Bachelor’s of Biblical Studies in Missions.

Shortly before my graduation I became employed full time by Master’s Baptist College and Fargo Baptist Church, where I serve jointly as the Administrative Assistant at the college and the Operations Manager of the Heaven 88.7 radio station. I am very involved in various ministries at Fargo Baptist Church, such as Choir, Print Shop, Sunday School, Web Design, and more.

In November 2015 I was married to my wife Heather, who has changed my life and is a great blessing to me! We are serving together in ministry and seeking God’s continued will for our lives. Heather is an amazing seamstress, cook, and musician, she plays piano, violin, flute, and organ at Fargo Baptist church, and is a request night host on Heaven 88.7. She is a lot of fun and we enjoy spending lots of time together.

My parents live in Prairie du Sac, WI, and my father pastors at Calvary Baptist Church in Sauk City, WI.

My Father, Dan Lindsey has pastored at Calvary Baptist Church since late 2005, and took the church through a building program in 2011-2012, and they are now meeting in a beautiful new facility. Every night at home my Father would pray with me in my room, and he has always led our family and been not only a great teacher, but a great example.

My Mother, Connie Lindsey, home schooled myself and my older sister, all the way through! My younger Sister, Amber is still in grade school, to be home schooled all the way through as well. My mother is the sweetest person on earth, and every morning she would begin our school day with “food for the soul” a time of Bible reading, prayer, and scripture memorization. I love her so much!

My older sister, Heidi, is a year older that I am and has been a close friend all my life, but especially through high school on. I always feel like I can talk to her and share what I think on any issue and hear her opinion as well. We have had lots of fun playing games and talking to each other. She was married in June of 2013 to Daniel Lentz, and they currently live in the suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

My younger Sister, Amber is 8 years younger than I am and has also enjoyed playing games with me and building “tents” from blankets and chairs in the living room. We have also enjoyed lots of outdoor fun together, both Summer and Winter. She is a wonderful piano and harp player as well!

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